Lakeside area residents want all shuttles off street

Diverting 65 per cent of Lansdowne shuttle buses off of Lakeside Avenue isn't enough according to area residents.

The city has decided to re-route the majority of buses that run along the small residential road every REDBLACKS and Fury game, residents don't believe the city has gone far enough.

Baghwant Sandhu, the president of the Dow's Lake Resident's Association told CFRA 35 per cent of 500 buses is still too many running up the small street.

"Instead of going through a street where there's elderly people, children etc. living, homes, why not take Bronson, turn left on Carling and take that route?" asked Sandhu.

He said there was a larger problem than just buses running on a side street.

"It's not a solution," he said. "It's sort of like a half-pregnant solution. What we really need is to address the core issue and that's the one of principle. How do we make decisions in this city? Do we make them based on principles or do we just make them without consultation and when there's a protest or when people raise concerns, well we'll kind of slightly fix it."

Glebe resident Ian Lee agreed, saying he believed the initial decision to route buses along Lakeside was made too quickly.

"Somebody, I think, was asleep at the switch," said Lee. "Maybe it's because they're so, they have just a close relationship with OSEP (Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group) I suspect, and they wanted it to succeed so badly that there was a rush to judgment."

Capital Ward Councillor David Chernushenko said the city is looking for alternative routes for the 35 per cent of buses still set to run on Lakeside.

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