Hells Angels mark territory in Ottawa-Gatineau

The Hells Angels have been showing their colours in the Ottawa-Gatineau area in recent weeks.

A group of Hells Angels were spotted at a bar on Greber Boulevard in Gatineau last week and in mid-July dozens of the bikers gathered in Carlsbad Springs.

Police say the group is showing off.

"It's their turn," said Acting Det. Staff Sgt. Len Isnor with the OPP Biker Enforcement Unit. "What happens is the Hells Angels will gather in each other's territories. There's 13 Hells Angels chapters across the province and lately it has been Ottawa's turn."

The local chapter of the Hells Angels are known as the Nomads and Isnor told CFRA there were a lot of visiting Hells Angels from out of town.

He added, the summer also plays a factor in Hells Angels' activity.

"The nice weather attracts the Hells Angels," said Isnor. "They'll get out on their bikes. They'll make themselves known."

"Hells Angels members are very territorial," he added. "They're always presenting themselves in the public eye. They're basically sending a message, basically saying 'this is our area. This is our territory."

Isnor said the fact that so many Hells Angels members have been seen in recent weeks doesn't mean there has been an increase in gang members.

"They're always constantly taking on new members, but there's also members that are leaving," said Isnor. "It's sort of status quo right now and we don't really notice the increase because we work on them every day."

"The public will all of a sudden see an increase because they're out and into the public," he added.

He said they do keep a close eye on the group.

"We work on them every day," said Isnor. "We monitor them. We know their membership. We know who the new members are."

Isnor said if you are in a location and the Hells Angels show up you should be cautious.

"It's unfortunate that you're at a bar an in comes Hells Angels because they are intimidating," Isnor said. "They wear the Hells Angels patches and they have a reputation that's built up over 65 years - a reputation that has the public concerned for their safety whenever they're around Hells Angels."

He said if you encounter a Hells Angels member, you should steer clear of them and contact police if you see any illegal activity.

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