Police chief: officers should be allowed to ticket people caught with small amounts of marijuana

In the midst of heated debate over the legalization of marijuana, Ottawa's Police chief says he's still in favour of decriminalization for possession of small amounts but not legalization of the drug.

Charles Bordeleau said they do not think officers should necessarily be throwing the book at people caught with one joint.

"We did talk about and put forth a resolution at our annual meeting last year in Winnipeg was that we would look at potentially using the current legislation and allowing our front-line officers to have the ability to to ticket for smaller amounts that people would possess for personal consumption," Bordeleau told CFRA.

He said that would mean those caught would pay a fine.

"What that does is it allows us to provide some meaningful consequences to that illegal act, but also it prevents that case from clogging up the court systems for minor offences like that," he said.

Right now an officer has the ability to seize the drug and release the offender with a warning or they can lay a charge and send them to court.

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