Police say there are so many fraud-related reports, they can't follow up on them all

From telephone scams to complaints about Craig's List and Kijiji, Ottawa Police say they receive so many reports of fraud-related activity that they can't possibly investigate them all.

If the scammers didn't get away with any money, police likely won't open an investigation due to the volume of calls and work load in the Property and Enterprise Crime Section.

"That is true when there is no money lost, it's an attempt and just due to the volume of the work that we have, we don't normally investigate attempts," said Staff Sgt. Stephanie Burns, who is in charge of the Property and Enterprise Crime Section.

She said they still would like victims of attempted fraud to file information reports.

"Any little bit of information, we can add that in and if a crime analyst looks at that information they might be able to draw inferences and put connections," she said. "You just never know down the road where that information [will lead] . It's all like a puzzle, right? Policing is like a puzzle and investigations are like a puzzle and you just never know which piece is going to put the whole picture together."

She said it often takes a long time for police to investigate fraud because of the complexity of the cases and also because of the sheer amount of paperwork involved.

She said it's not a matter of manpower, but if there was a way to streamline processes, like getting production orders from banks and cell phone companies returned returned more quickly, then it would help speed along their investigations.

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