Council candidate says safety an 'afterthought' at Rideau and Waller intersection

One candidate for Ottawa city council says he wants more to be done about pedestrian safety at one of the deadliest intersections in the city.  Eight people have died in the last 10 years at Waller and Rideau Streets.

Marc Aubin says the downtown truck route is largely to blame for the level of danger at this intersection.

"Of the eight deaths in the last ten years, most of them were truck related," he says.

He says he's frustrated that nothing was done about safety in the area when Rideau underwent an extensive renewal project last year.

"As usual, safety is an afterthought."

Aubin says while the long term solution would be to get rid of the downtown truck route, his short term solutions include adding bollards to protect pedestrians from turning trucks and to eliminate one direction of traffic on Waller.

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