Councillor wants construction enforcement for smoother ride

Back to school, back to work and back to busy roads.

Councillor Steve Desroches wants the city to keep tabs on construction companies to ensure a smooth as possible traffic flow, especially this week.

He explained many projects came with strings attached, like requiring the re-opening of lanes during the morning and afternoon rush hours (for certain projects).

"I'd like our enforcement teams from the construction branch, the people who are overseeing these contracts, to make sure that they send a message and that they're keeping an eye on things...If (contractors) start to creep into peak hours, even by half an hour, so let's say they are not to obstruct traffic after 4:30 p.m. and they do it until 5 p.m., that results in a fairly significant delay that just compounds itself," he said.

Desroches filed an inquiry with city staff at last week's council meeting to find out how and if the city is enforcing the issue, though he argued this week for a stepped-up response.

"We're probably at, I would say, the maximum stress levels for commuters because they're just getting back from vacation, they're getting back to work, the children are back in school."

He said the fine is now $1,000 per infraction, but wants the city to consider increasing that even more.

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