Police nab drunk drivers during ride stop

Ottawa Police paid special attention over the weekend to drunk and high drivers.

Const. T.J. Jellinek told CFRA's Madely in the Morning they are looking for specific indicators when they pull people over during ride checks.

"Basically what's happening is all the vehicles are stopped, we're checking with everyone at random, so there's no rhyme or reason," he said. "Everyone is coming through. We're stopping all the vehicles. We're looking for odour of alcohol ... then if we're looking for drugs, we're examining the eyes. We're having a conversation. We're engaged in an investigation with each vehicle we stop to see if this person is safe to be on the roadways."

He said they were not only looking for drivers who were high on illegal drugs.

"When we talk about drug-impaired driving, it's any drug that can impair your ability to operate a motor vehicle safely, so whether it be prescription drug, or whether it be illicit drug, it's all the same," he said. "Whatever's in the body that's causing that impairment is what we're looking for."

Over the weekend, they caught seven drunk drivers and handed out six three-day license suspensions.

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