Councillor: Sidewalk cash should be fixed % of roads spending

Capital ward councillor David Chernushenko wants sidewalks to get a set amount of money each year and should be tied to how much is spent on roads.

"The idea of there being at least a minimum percentage is one approach where to some degree, you get out of the battle of is $10 million enough? Should it be 12? No, make it 2, that it be on a percentage basis."

He admitted coming up with that figure could prove to be a contentious debate, but insisted sidewalks shouldn't be an afterthought when it comes to transportation spending.

In the last four years, the city spent $7.36 million on pedestrian projects, including 158 kilometres of sidewalks and 30 kilometres of new Multi-use Pathways.

The city is also launching a new initiative to try and gauge how safe people feel when they cross at intersections.

Sustainable Transportation Program Manager Jill Wilson explained the goal is to get the pedestrian's perspective by considering different factors.

"Such as the crossing distance, the signal phasing and timing, right turn design, whether there is a turn channel or not, what type of crosswalk treatment is there, are there zebra markings, double painted line, high visibility."

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