Expert: schools should be more 'boy-friendly'

As students settle back into classes, one expert says schools can stand to be more "boy friendly."

We've all heard the saying girls mature faster than boys, but education expert Michael Reist told On Target Ottawa that's true.

"And as a result, boys appear immature," he said. "But they only appear immature in relation to girls. They're just on a different developmental timeline. Some researchers put it about a year-and-a-half difference - then you add the December-born boy. The December-born boy sitting beside the January-born girl, what does he do? He compares himself."

He said teachers should be sensitive to boys, especially in the primary level, where some children are getting in trouble for squirming in class.

"The idea of the squirming boy at the back of a classroom, rolling around during story-time on the rug - if it's not bothering anybody, ride that wave. Manage that energy," said Reist.

Reist spent three decades teaching and now works as a mentor. He is also the author of several books on education.

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