City to study future of multi-use pathways

Councillors on the city's Transportation Committee want more study on the future of multi-use pathways, in light of increasing conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians.

Capital Ward Councillor David Chernushenko told CFRA's Madely in the Morning part of the solution is etiquette.

"For the pedestrian - you're choosing a path knowing it's a multi-use path, not a sidewalk, so you have to be aware," he said. "You can't suddenly stop and cross over and look at the ducks on the canal or say 'hey! There's a bench over there,' and dart across the path. You've got to be aware you are on a path that is going to have cyclists as well."

Chernushenko said cyclists also need to give fair warning to pedestrians and they need to check their speeds.

"There is a speed limit, but it's really an advisory thing and you see almost no signage and it's miniscule," he said. "You'd have to try really hard to see that there is a speed limit there."

"I think both Ottawa and the NCC have to agree on if it's going to be a 20 kilometre an hour limit that's there now, posting that much larger, clearer, more often, and then when necessary, having more spot enforcement, just like we do on roads," he added.

City staff are looking at a few other options, including making the pathways wider or even building two narrow paths, one for cyclists, the other for walkers.

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  1. jenniferj_1868 posted on 09/04/2014 09:50 AM
    i am wondering does the councillor know that unlike cars, bikes do not come with spedometers? how would he like the cyclists to monitor their speeds? i do think the safest way for both pedestrians and cyclists to be safe is common sense on both parts for instance, for a pedestrian to look both ways to see if a cyclist is coming when on a multiuse pathway, as for me the bike lanes on the roads are insane , i won't cross 2-3 lanes of oncoming traffic to make a left hand turn, i'm not a strong enough cyclist to be on a road with traffic. there has to be a better way to get cyclists from point A to point B . i would support a pathway strictly for cyclists and one for pedestrians, i have found as a cyclist that alot of pedestrians feel entitled to the multiuse pathways, they get annoyed that i'm cycling on it to begin with, there's alot more for the cyclist to be aware of more and can have happen to them because of pedestrians.multiuse pathways need clear signage that it is a multiuse pathway and any one using it needs to be aware of others using it n common sense should be used by all.
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