Sûreté du Québec to crack down on dangerous drivers on Hwy 50

Quebec provincial police say they'll be keeping a close eye on Highway 50 over the next few weeks, as they've noticed an increase in dangerous driving.

Sgt. Marc Tessier with Sûreté du Québec told CFRA they'll be looking for dangerous driving in the Lorrain boulevard area.

"We've noticed people driving on the shoulder at least one kilometre to get to the next exit just to avoid the traffic," he said. "That is very dangerous. People are doing some illegal U-Turns between the highways when they see the traffic is stopped for two or three kilometres."

He said a number of drivers are using the emergency turn linking the east and west bound 50 between Labrosse and Lorrain to do their U-Turns.

Tessier said fines for doing that can be in excess of $100 and police will be keeping an eye out specifically for that type of behaviour.

He said these illegal manoeuvres can lead to collisions, or even road rage.

"You're in your car and you're waiting a half an hour and you see people driving by you on the shoulder or doing U-Turns, you can be frustrated and sometimes we've seen road rage happen and an altercation between drivers occur," said Tessier. "You see someone going on your shoulder and you maybe move a little bit on your right, just to make sure that that person doesn't pass, but an accident can occur and road can occur."

Tessier said congestion like this occurs around this time every year.

Police are asking drivers to stagger their work hours if possible or take the bus in a bid to clear up Highway 50.

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