Horwath calls Liberal criticism of her platform "silliness"

NDP leader Andrea Horwath brushed off the Liberals' claims that her party is ignoring Ottawa in their new platform.

 Ottawa Centre Liberal candidate Yasir Naqvi says he was disappointed that the newly-released NDP platform doesn’t mention Ottawa once.

"She talks about public transit in other parts of the province, but no reference to phase two of the LRT," he said.  He also pointed to the lack of mention of the Ottawa River Action plan as an example.

"Andrea Horwath has forgotten Ottawa," he said."

Horwath called the claim "silliness."

Today Kathleen Wynne told reporters in Toronto that Horwath's platform was a "list of kind of disconnected ideas," but also said her platform took from Liberal ideas.

"You can't on the one hand tell us we've adopted your platform, and then on the other hand criticize it for not including Ottawa," Horwath said.

Horwath said her party has made commitments to both Ottawa's light rail and to cleaning up the Ottawa River.

Horwath made her first visit to Ottawa of the campaign Friday.  She stopped at Maison Baguettes in Vanier before heading to the Chateau Laurier to speak at a Canada 2020 luncheon, then heading to Ottawa Centre candidate Jennifer McKenzie's office.