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Madely's Morning Minute - July 16

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Rick's Top 5


5. No Jail for Joe

Former London, Ontario Mayor Joe Fontana has been dealt a four-month conditional sentence and 18 months probation for fraud-related offences committed nine years ago, when he was serving as a Liberal cabinet minister in Ottawa. In pre-sentencing comments to the court, Fontana admitted he had done something very, very stupid and had caused deep pain and embarrassment to his entire family. Fontana was found guilty of three fraud-related charges relating to an incident in 2005 during which he forged a contract to make it look like costs related to his son's wedding were really a political event, resulting in the defrauding of the federal government of $1,700. The four-month conditional sentence means that Fontana won't spend any time in jail.


4. A Duffy love child?

Did Senator Mike Duffy father a love child 33 years ago with a convicted drug mule? According to Macleans magazine, a Peruvian woman living in Lima named Karen Duffy believes Mike Duffy is her unacknowledged father. Duffy's name apparently appears on the woman's birth certificate. Karen Duffy claims she is the product of an unlikely affair many years ago between the then well-known and popular TV journalist and her mother who spent time in the Kingston Prison for Women, and later an Ottawa halfway house. The woman says both she and her mother reached out to Duffy many times over the years, but to no avail. Duffy denied the story to Macleans Magazine, claiming the story was based on untrue allegations made by a convicted narcotics smuggler. So why has this come forward now? Karen Duffy is seeking to validate her claim through a Peruvian court, although the court has no jurisdiction to force Duffy to co-operate and the woman has no financial claim on Duffy even if the story were true.


3. Anonymous Angel's Aid

Who was that angel of mercy who swept into the life of a gravely ill Kanata woman two weeks ago, only to disappear within minutes of producing a $128,000 cashiers' cheque to cover the cost of possibly life-saving medical treatment? The mystery man, cloaked to disguise his identity, dropped the cheque into the hands of Stephanie Headley, a 47-year-old single mother of four, who is suffering a rare and progressively debilitating auto-immune disorder, and whose only hope lies in an innovative and very expensive stem cell treatment in Chicago. Headley had all but given up hope of raising the money to fund the potentially life-saving treatment when a knock on the door by a tall, middle-aged man dressed in hat, coat and sunglasses changed everything.


2. "No ceasefire? Fire!"

An Egypt-inspired ceasefire proposal went up in smoke yesterday after Hamas refused to halt its barrage of rockets into Israel, prompting Israel to abandon its conditional embrace of the truce and resume its heavy bombardment of Gaza. The Hamas barrage of rockets and mortar rounds were at times intense yesterday, leaving the Israeli government no choice but to hit back. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that Hamas will pay for its decision not to accept the ceasefire proposal, warning that "when there is no cease-fire, our answer is fire."


1. Ottawa Ranks High in Drinking and Smoking Study

A new study suggests Ottawa is failing to live up to its reputation as the town that fun forgot. In fact, the report card on the state of Ottawa's health serves up some worrying stats about our drinking habits and our penchant for smoking pot. It may not be all of us, but enough for us as a city to surpass the provincial average when it comes to engaging in both pursuits. According to the study, nearly a third of Ottawa adults drink too much and nearly double that number admit to binge drinking at least once a year.  And we're not setting a very good example for our kids. An estimated 30% of Ottawa high school students admit to binge drinking at least monthly. The good news is Ottawans smoke much less than other Ontarians and are generally in pretty good health, mentally and physically.


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