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Madely’s Morning Minute – July 31

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Mark Sutcliffe fills in for Steve Madely

Mark Sutcliffe's Top 5:

5. How old are you, kid?

How old should children be before they go to the park by themselves? A woman in Florida has been charged after allowing her seven-year-old son to go to the park alone. The park was about 10 minutes away from the family home. Apparently, the boy encountered an adult on his way to the park. The adult asked him a series of questions and the boy became scared and ran to the park. Police arrived and took the boy home, then arrested his mother. The woman says she is dumbfounded by the charges. She says she didn't think she was doing anything wrong. The Ottawa Sun quotes City Councillor Mark Taylor, who heads the city's Community and Protective Services Committee, as saying it's not an easy issue and what is right or wrong changes based on the situation and the circumstances.

4. No end in sight for Orgaworld ordeal

The city's legal battles with Orgaworld continue. The company announced yesterday that it is challenging an arbitrator's decision last month that ruled in favour of the city on a number of issues. The ruling said all leaf and yard waste should be accepted at Orgaworld's facility. It also ruled that Orgaworld would have to pay the city back for some leaf and yard waste that was diverted from the plant. The relationship between the company and the city is clearly very frosty. Some meetings that were planned between the two sides have now been postponed until the appeal process is over. The appeal will be heard August 19 in London, Ontario. The company says it's being made a scapegoat for the city's problems and that the city ignored its advice.

3. Human trafficking serious issue in Ottawa

There have been 140 victims of human trafficking in Ottawa in the past year. That's according to a new report that studied the issue for nine months. Already, Ottawa Police are saying they may change how they investigate the crime as a result of the findings. The report says the victims are almost exclusively female and typically from 12 to 25 years old. The most vulnerable are about 16 years of age. The recruiting is taking place in urban neighbourhoods like the ByWard Market and Vanier. But it's also happening in the suburbs, places like Ottawa South and Kanata. Ninety per cent of the victims identified are Canadian and from the Ottawa area. The authors of the report say there were more victims than they expected. The report identified victims as young as nine, and found that pimps were recruiting at parties, shelters, group homes, social housing, the Ottawa Central Bus Station and methadone clinics.

2. Israel-Gaza tensions rise, so does death toll

The war in Gaza appears to be escalating. Israel today called up another 16,000 reservists, which will potentially allow the offensive against Hamas to increase. There was intense fighting yesterday, with tank shells striking a United Nations school where 3,000 Palestinian civilians were taking shelter. Air strikes hit a crowded shopping area in Gaza. At least 116 Palestinians and three Israeli soldiers were killed yesterday. After the school was hit, the UN accused Israel of committing a war crime. The U.S. condemned the attack. But Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Hamas is solely responsible for the death and destruction. He said, "No one likes to see the suffering and the loss of life that has occurred. That said, we hold the terrorist organization Hamas responsible for this. They have initiated and continue this conflict and continue to seek the destruction of the state of Israel."

1. Canadians want looser pot laws

A significant majority of Canadians want changes to marijuana laws. The federal government commissioned a poll earlier this year that found that more than 70 per cent of Canadians want marijuana either legalized or decriminalized. Just over 37 per cent said marijuana should be legalized. Slightly more than 33 per cent said possession of small amounts of the drug should be decriminalized. Just 14 per cent said the laws should stay the same and only 12 per cent said penalties should be increased. There was overwhelming support for medical marijuana. The results are certain to have an impact on the positioning of the parties heading into next year's federal election. Meanwhile, Health Canada has issued a warning to licensed producers of medical marijuana that they need to tread carefully when it comes to advertising their products. Mark Zekulin of Tweed, a medical-marijuana company based in Smiths Falls, told the Ottawa Citizen, "We all clearly understand that it means you cannot take out a TV ad during a Stanley Cup game, but you're allowed to have a Twitter feed. There's a question of what's allowed in the middle."


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